Lamcorr High Performance Plastic Sheet

Fabric-Backed and Standard Corrosion-Resistant Sheet Products for the Chemical Process Industry

Lamcorr developed its portfolio of standard and fabric-backed corrosion resistant materials to cover a wide range of corrosive chemical environments. Fabric-backed products exceed all current dual laminate industry standards, and can help increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and enhance the life of chemical systems. State-of-the-art QC and testing assures consistent surface quality, accurate dimensions, and proper adhesion at the polymer/fabric interface of backed sheet. Lamcorr’s diverse portfolio also allows users to match products to exact needs for the most cost-effective solution on any project.

Sheet and Fabric Backed Laminates (click on each for more detals):
  • FEP: LAM FEP (Dupont Teflon® TE9302N resin) - COMING Q4 2011 available only as LAM FEP(G) – knitted glass backing
  • PFA: LAM PFA LT (Hyflon F® 1520 resin) - LAM PFA LT(G) – knitted glass backing
  • ECTFE: LAM ECTFE (Halar® 901, 902 resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM ECTFE(G) – knitted glass, (F) – polyester backing
  • PVDF: LAM PVDF (Kynar ® 740 & 2850 resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM PVDF(F) – polyester, (P) – PAN backing
  • Co PP: LamPro CoPP (standard polypropylene resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM CoPP(F) – polyester backing
  • HDPE: LAM HDPE (Standard PE Resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM HDPE(F) – polyester backing

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