High Performance and Industrial Plastic Sheet

Corrosion-Resistant Sheet Products
for the Food Processing and Preparation Industries

HDPE Cutting Boards, Food Prep Surfaces and Bins
Laminations’ CuttingBoard sheet made from HDPE performs well in a variety of food prep and processing applications. Its matte finish cleans easily, and it meets the standards and specifications set by the US and Canadian Departments of Agriculture, and NSF. Our low stress production technology also gives CuttingBoard superior flatness and consistency in fabrication.

Polypropylene Cutting Boards, Food Prep Surfaces and Bins
LamPro-H Homopolymer PP & LamPro-C Copolymer PP
Polypropylene sheet has become a standard for applications requiring chemical and corrosion resistance,good surface appearance, stability and strength. Main differences between the two grades: Homopolymer polypropylene has greater surface hardness and rigidity, and withstands higher temperatures in use. Copolymer polypropylene sheet offers greater toughness and durability even at sub-zero temperatures, at the expense of rigidity and thermal properties. LamPro polypropylene sheets also feature superior flatness and low inherent stress for easy and consistent fabrication.