Lamcorr High Performance Plastic Sheet

Lamcorr Fluoropolymer Sheet Products

Unbacked standard sheet and fabric backed laminates

Lamcorr developed its wide range of fluoropolymer sheet products to withstand the most stringent environments of the worldwide corrosion protection and chemical process-related industries. The fabric backed versions exceed all current dual laminate industry standards. State-of-the-art QC and testing assures consistent surface quality and dimensional accuracy of all sheet products, and proper adhesion of laminate grades at the polymer/fabric interface. Lamcorr’s diverse portfolio allows users to match products to exact needs for the most cost-effective solution on any project. Click on each of the products below for more details:
  • FEP: LAM FEP (Dupont Teflon® TE9302N resin) - COMING Q4 2011 - FEP available only as LAM FEP(G) – knitted glass backing
  • PFA: LAM PFA-LT (Hyflon F® 1520 resin) - LAM PFA-LT(G) – knitted glass backing
  • ECTFE: LAM ECTFE (Halar® 901, 902 resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM ECTFE(G) – knitted glass, LAM ECTFE(F) – polyester backing
  • PVDF: LAM PVDF-K (Kynar ® 740 & 2850 resins) 48” wide rolls & sheet - LAM PVDF(F) – polyester, LAM PVDF(P) – PAN backing
  • PVDF: LAM PVDF-S (Solef resin)

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