Lamcorr High Performance Plastic Sheet
LAM PVDF | ARKEMA KYNAR® 2850 and 740 resin
LAM PVDF(F) - polyester fabric backed and LAM PVDF(P) - PAN backed sheets and rolls

Lamcorr offers extruded PVDF in fabric-backed rolls and sheets made from both copolymer Kynar® 2850 (flex) and homopolymer 740 resins. Like ECTFE, PVDF provides a cost effective lining laminate for dual laminate mid-range service temperatures. Copolymer sees more frequent use in applications that require flexibility and thermoforming. Homopolymer provides more structural integrity and permeation resistance. Both PVDF grades, though versatile in corrosion protection, do not lend themselves to strong alkaline environments.

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